Our Redeemer's is part of the Debs-Puposky Parish. We share a pastor with our sister-congregation, Trinity Lutheran in Debs. On September 1st of each year, the two churches switch worship times. This year, Our Redeemer's is worshiping at 10:30am and Trinity is worshiping at 9:00am. Please join us!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


JULY 5th
There will NOT be Potluck after worship on the first Sunday in July.  

We hope you have a very happy Fourth of July!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Loop the Lake Event

On Saturday, June 20, members of the Debs-Puposky Parish volunteered as ELCA LUTHERANS at a refreshment stop during the Loop The Lake Festival bike event.  Chris and Karen Kraeplin volunteered from Our Redeemer's, as well as Pastor Mike and Mary Naylor, and three members from Trinity Lutheran.

Volunteer organizer, Linda Eikman described the mission of this activity:
"This is just the beginning of how Invitation to Joy wants to create opportunities for all of us to be out in our communities showing that we genuinely care about our fellow neighbors and want to connect with them."

All photos are property of Linda Eikman and shared with permission. 
See the rest of the photos at:

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Grad Quilts

The congregation of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church presents a quilt made by the quilting ladies of the church to each young member upon their graduation from high school.
This year we honor two graduates:
 Kylie S. and Leif E.
Your church community wish you all the best in your future endeavors, Kylie and Leif.
May God go with you and guide your way.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Thank you to the men, women, and service animals that gave their lives...
we remember you on this Memorial Day.

Annual Ice Cream Social

Council has set the date for our Annual Ice Cream Social and Craft Sale:
Sunday, August 23rd

Volunteers are needed to help make ice cream the Saturday before the event.  Volunteers are also needed on Sunday to help set up the tables and chairs, serve the food, help with the craft sale, and clean up the church and grounds after the event.

Each active family in our congregation is asked to provide three pies for this event.  
Members are also encouraged to donate their crafts, artwork, and selected items for our raffle, craft sale, and silent auction.

Please contact Sabrina at 556-0862 or Pastor Mike if you have any questions about the event.
Thank you!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Project Linus

Project Linus
Wednesday, May 20
9am - 3pm
Bring your scissors and a large needle.
Lunch provided!
Join in the whole event or stop by for a little while to visit!
All are welcome.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Order for Healing

In May we will be instituting an additional service at Our Redeemer’s on the fourth Sunday, beginning May 24th, after the regular Worship Service.   
 We will be offering the Order for Healing.    

“The Order for Healing" is an expression in worship of the church’s ministry of healing, where all who sense the need for God’s healing in any aspect of their lives may join in prayer for others and themselves.  
 In its ministry of healing, the church does not replace the gifts of God that come through the scientific community nor does God promise a cure.   
 Rather, the church offers and celebrates gifts such as these: 
"God’s presence with strength and comfort in time of suffering, God’s promise of wholeness and peace, and God’s love embodied in the community of faith.” [ELW pg. 276]  
 All are invited to participate in this brief service.